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I am a Professor of Practice in Political Science and International Development at Tulane University. I joined the Faculty at Tulane in 2016 following a predoctoral fellowship in international development at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and a postdoctoral fellowship in international law and human security at Simon Fraser University. A political scientist by training, I hold a BA and a PhD from the University of Toronto, as well as an MA from McGill University.

My research and teaching interests lie at the intersection of international criminal law, comparative politics of the developing world, and international development. I have published in peer-reviewed journals, including Third World Quarterly, Nationalities Papers, and Human Rights Review. Most recently, I coauthored a book entitled Women as War Criminals: Gender, Agency, and Justice (Stanford University Press, 2020). I am currently working on a monograph which examines domestic effects of international criminal tribunals.

I spent my childhood in the former Yugoslavia, and completed my secondary and postsecondary education in Canada. I have conducted extensive fieldwork in East and Central Africa, and the Balkans. My goal is to utilize my professional and personal, international experiences to inspire students to be active and reflective global citizens committed to equity and inclusion.

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