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Journal Articles

  • What to Do with Violent Women: Terrorism, War Crimes, and International Justice" (with Jessica Trisko Darden), Texas National Security Review, (forthcoming, 2020).

  • “Internationalised Justice and Democratisation: How International Tribunals Can Empower Non-Reformists,” Third World Quarterly 39(9): 1675-1691 (2018).

  • “The Production of the War Criminal Cult: Radovan Karadžić and Vojislav Šešelj at The Hague,” Nationalities Papers: The Journal of Nationalism and Ethnicity 46(1): 52-68 (2018).​

  • “To History or to Hollywood? Monuments to Foreign Celebrities in Twenty-First Century Balkans.” Europe-Asia Studies 67 (8): 1302-1327 (2015). ​

  • “Making Civilian Casualties Count: Approaches to Documenting the Human Cost of War” (with Jessica Trisko Darden), Human Rights Review 14(4): 347-366 (2013). ​

  • “Identity crisis in post-conflict societies: the ICTY’s role in defensive nationalism among the Serbs,” Global Change, Peace & Security 22(2): 233-250 (2010).

Book Reviews

  • Law in Transition: Human Rights, Development and Transitional Justice, eds. Ruth Buchanan and Peer Zumbansen. Canadian Journal of Development Studies 37(1): 127-128 (2016).​

Working Papers

  • “International Criminal Justice and Regime Change: The Stunted Transition.” Simons Working Paper Series in Security and Development 43 (May 2015).


Policy Analyses

  • “Towards a Regional Solution for Rwanda’s Returning Refugees.” Africa Portal 45 (November 2012).

  • “The High Costs and Consequences of Rwanda’s Shift in Language Policy from French to English.” Africa Portal 30 (May 2012).

  • “Challenges of Transitional Justice in Rwanda.” Africa Portal 18 (January 2012).​

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