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Development Issues and Strategies
This course gives insight into how to make development more sustainable, as well as compatible with nature, the needs of current and future generations, in particular, the essential needs of the world’s poor. Keeping in mind that the definition of sustainability is heavily dependent on local contexts and concerns, the course provides several approaches to understanding sustainable development, including governance, the resource curse hypothesis, durable peace, international aid and debt structures, and gender.  

Identity and Development
A principal concern of many development theorists and practitioners today is the need to recognize how one’s identities, such as gender, ethnicity, family structure, national origin, political affiliation, race, and religion play out in daily practice. The course provides historical and theoretical context for current discussions of identity in international development, as well as cross-cutting issues where identity concerns intersect, with an emphasis on current challenges, such as violence and migration.  

Post-Conflict Development: Transitional Justice
Determining the appropriate response to atrocities of gruesome scale, such as genocide and crimes against humanity, is one of the most difficult tasks scholars and policymakers have had to grapple with in societies transitioning from conflict. Several case studies and a variety of transitional justice mechanisms are covered in this course, including truth and reconciliation commissions, reparations, ad-hoc criminal tribunals, the International Criminal Court, hybrid courts and domestic courts.   

Women and Development in Africa
How are women, gender and sexuality central to development in Sub-Saharan Africa? The course aims to answer this question by providing a comprehensive overview of the social, political, economic, regional and global realities that shape daily lives of women in Sub-Saharan Africa. We examine diverse topics ranging from family planning and social entrepreneurship to beauty politics and women’s role in conflict using a variety of examples and authors from across the continent. 


Critical Issues and Challenges in Developmen

Global Conflict and Violence 

Women and Social Entrepreneurship in Kenya (Service Learning and Independent Study Abroad in Kenya) 

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